Thursday, February 28, 2013

Missionary Girl

Sister Kaitlynn Heath you have been called to serve in the Atlanta Georgia Mission

Monday, February 2, 2009

look im back

hey im back! i havent bloged in a while but alot has happened. i've been on a couple of other dates that were fun. i even got to go out with this really cute guy and he kissed me on the cheek three times is was amazing. im getting better at the voiln and i have a solo comming up that im so nerves for. im a jounior in high school and will be graduating next year i cant belive and i hope i can get into SUU to get my education degree. i have also been doing better in school this year A and B, and i have to work for every grade i get. i got my liscence and am running errands for my mom all the time she loves it and im getting used to it. thats all for now im going to post pictures of all the stuff i've been talking about so you can all see. o and i passed hunter saftey which my dad was happy about hes going to try to get me out antolope hunting. yea that should be fun!

Monday, July 28, 2008

the 24th. five mile fun run.

me, Jasmine and Leanne

my mom, Maryann, Makenna, me and Leanne

after just a week and a half of running everyday we did a five mile fun run. the week before I had hurt my knee and pulled a muscle. so the day of the run i was expecting pain. I wasn't disappointed. after just a mile my knee was pretty bad i couldn't keep my face from screwing up in pain. I made it to the second mile before I had to except it i wasn't going to make it all the way. so Leanne and I got a ride up until the last mile and ran to the finish line with relieve. as we came in i could hear the announcer say " she looks like she's in pain" he wasn't wrong. but hey i had made it if not all the way it was still a 5k and with only a week and a half of preparation thats pretty cool. i also came in third in my age group and so i got a meddle and some coupons to golden spoon. i was very proud of myself to complete the race and next year I'm going to finish the whole thing. I cant say i had fun doing it but I can say that I'm glade i did it i now have a meddle for running a race and thats something i never thought i would do.
I am happy to report that my legs are filling much better now as well I and walk without limping and it fills wonderful.

Friday, July 18, 2008

my first week finshied yea!

yea! we made it one mile.

me,Leanne, Brigham and Payton.

YEA! I made it through a whole week of six mile runs. wow it was hard i had sore muscles to deal and the early mornings. but i made it through. each day presented a different challenge for me to do. the first day it was inexperience, the second and third day it was sore muscles. the forth day was a all new challenge my muscles didn't heart as bad and i was doing ok until Leanne asked me to push Brigham in the stroller. pushing that thing up hills is tiering and when its uphill most of the way with a thousand foot incline thats alot of hard work. going all the way up is about four and a half miles up, but then you have to go back down again. that fourth day a pulled a muscle and then i had to get up today and do it all again. i didn't have the stroller today though which as it terned out was a good thing i could only make it the six miles today because of my muscle which really hurts now. i have to be carfull how i move my leg or its ouch.
This first week was hard but i made it though it now i have to rest so i don't strain my muscles to far.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

swimming so much fun!

me and Brigham.

me in my new swimming suit.

we went swimming after we did our six mile run. it was amazing how good it felt to my sore muscles to get into the gold water and not have any weight on them at all. i got fried though and my shoulders hurt, all part of being in the sun. lol

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


ok so today is two of the whole exersising thing and im in pain. I ran almost the whole way up to the stop sign and a little of the way down my whole body just achs. to go up to the stop sign is 3 miles and then you have to go back down. wow i didnt know you could fill like this after exersising. im awake though and i think im getting a good tan. hey thair is nothing wrong with looking on the bright side of things. I'll just have o be carful when i move today............. when i move at all to day. hmm! this should be fun! well thats all for now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

my frist day at a fresh start

hi everybody, I'm down in St. Gouge to get a fresh start.Today was my first day of exercising. We went for a walk/run for six miles(mostly walk) it was a good workout. My legs and feet hurt but its a good kind of pain it means I'm on a path to a healthier life. the early mornings are going to take some getting used to, but i haven't felt this good in a while I'm awake, really awake for the first time in a while. I think I'm driving my my aunt Leanne crazy i wont stop talking. hopefully when school starts again I'll be tan and in shape, what a way to enter junior year. I'll blog more as the weeks go on and tell you about my progress.